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IPS of Louisiana Corp
P.O. Box 640237
2001 25th Street
Kenner, LA 70062 U.S.A
Phone: (504) 469-5731
Fax: (504) 469-2574

E-mail: ips@ipscorp.net

                        ACID CHEMICAL                                      JETTING
                        AGRICULTURAL SPRAY                   LEAF COLLECTION 
                        AIR                                                       MARINE EXHAUST
                        ANHYDROUS AMMONIA                   MATERIAL
                        BLOWER                                               METAL
                        CARE / MAINTENANCE                          MILL DISCHARGE
                        CEMENT                                                MINE SPRAY
                        CEMENT PLACEMENT                            MINING
                        CLAMPS                                                PAINT SPRAY

                        CONTRACTOR'S WATER                        PETROLEUM
                        COUPLED                                              PNEUMATIC
                        COUPLINGS                                     PUMP CONNECTOR
                        CREAMERY                                     PUSH-ON
                        CURB PUMP                                    PVC
                        CUSTOM                                              REELS
                        DREDGING                                           ROCK DUST SUCTION
                        DRY BULK                                            SAND BLAST
                        DUCTING                                              SAND SUCTION
                        FIRE                                                     SELF STORING
                        FOOD HANDLING                                  SERVICE STATION
                        FREON                                                 STEAM
                        FUEL OIL                                              TANK TRUCK
                       GUM SLEEVE                                        TEFLON
                       HOT WATER HOSE                                TEXTILE AIR
                       HYDRAULIC                            VACUUM
                       INSULATING BLOWING                 VENTILATING
                                                                           WASH DOWN HOSE
                                                                           WATER DISCHARGE
                                                                            WATER SUCTION
                                                                            WIRE BRAID AIR

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